Wallet Redo!


STOP! WAIT! Don’t throw away that old hard case wallet just yet! I know it looks dumb, old, and beaten up, but you can make is look all purdy again in just one afternoon. All you need is a little bit of fabric, hot glue, scissors, x-acto knife and needle nose pliers.  I think it’s time for movie and a craft!

 I think I purchased it a dollar store several years ago, so needless to say the quality wasn’t very good. The fabric started to peel off about a month in.

 I still love it. It’s compacted and only carries cash and cards.

Let’s get to it! The first thing you will do is remove the pin from the hinge using a pair of needle nose pliers. Pulling the pin out should leave you with the 2 halves of your wallet.

Next you will start removing the fabric from the outside. I got off easy since the fabric on mine was already peeling off. You may have to apply heat to soften the glue. Try a hair dryer. Be careful not to be too rough you don’t want to hurt the wallet, or yourself. When removing the fabric you will also be removing the trim and cardboard backings.

Once you have it all disassembled, you should have something that looks like this.

Two metal frames, two cardboard pieces with elastic bands, two pieces of outer fabric, two pieces of trim, and one metal pin.

Carefully, cut away fabric from both pieces of trim. All exterior fabric you can throw away or recycle.

Measure and cut out your new fabric. Leave yourself some extra space for wiggle room. Excess can always be trimmed off.

Next, you will hot glue your fabric around the little rubber tubing for your trim.

Do this to both pieces of tubing, and trim away as much excess as possible.

Set your trim aside. Now, you will hot glue your cardboard pieces back onto the metal frame. Glue along the edge the blue arrows are pointing at.

Now for the kinda tricky part. Along the edge of the metal frame you will see the space you pulled the fabric and trim out of. Pull new fabric round the outside. In small sections, pipe hot glue into this space, and then tuck your new fabric into it and hold there until the hot glue dries.

I used the pin from the hinge to tuck the fabric. It worked perfectly. Continue to do this all the way around. Repeat on other half.  It is key to remember that you to leave space for gluing the trim back into. Trim any extra fabric away with scissors.

Using a box or x-acto knife, clean up your edges.

Again, begin to pipe hot glue into the leftover space in small sections, and push the trim in. Hold it there until the glue dries before moving on to the next section. Repeat on other half.

Line up the hinges and slide the center pin back through.

It may take some wiggling around, but try not to force it too much. Have patience.

And just like that, it like you have a new wallet!

 I promise it’s not hard at all. Once you dissect your wallet It will be easy for you to redo and reassemble. Oh, and watch your fingers. I burnt myself a few times. Oops!

Feel free to drop me a comment if you have any questions, or just to say hi!

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I am a 20-something Austinite and I am want society would call 'unemployed'. It's okay, I fill my time with travel, running and crafting. I am also trying to breaking my way into the magical world of Surface Pattern Design (hopefully that will put an end to that unemployment part). As of right now, My husband and I (and two cats) are living in Germany. We love it here! I hope you stick around to see why.

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