Fog and Spiders! Oh, My!

Woke up to damp, foggy morning. A walk was definitely in order. I love this kind of weather, and Germany wears it well. The calm, eerie feeling gets my imagination going. It makes me feel like I am a character… Continue Reading →

Grüne Spundekäs Recipe

Spundekäs and Brezel is just one of the ways Germany has ruined life for me. Back home in the states we rarely ordered appetizers before our meal. Since moving here that has changed. Spundekäs and Brezel translated to English means wonderful, cream-cheesy goodness and fresh-baked… Continue Reading →

Austin, TX (Where We Call Home)

I told Marshall that the day after he graduates from Texas Tech we were moving to Austin, and he happily agreed. I graduated from Le Cordon Bleu there two years before and fell in love with the area. The day after he graduated,... Continue Reading →

Woodland Creature Mobile and Raccoon Plushie via iManuFatti and Teacup Lion

This last year we had a baby boom in our squadron. I turned to my craft side to make gifts due to lack of options (overseas military post). Etsy has been a wonderful resource for ideas. Shipping to APO can take... Continue Reading →

Lichtenstein Castle

The Lichtenstein Castle out first really sightseeing trip here in Germany (June 2013) courtesy of Pinterest. Lichtenstein Castle is located in southern Germany not far from Stuttgart. Took us about three hours to drive there from Wiesbaden. I felt like it… Continue Reading →

Patio Set Makeover – Yeah, I painted this

Like most people I enjoy a hot beverage in the mornings when I get up. Coffee, tea, lemon water… You name it, I probably drink it. I slip on my robe and house shoes, I shuffle off to the kitchen,… Continue Reading →

The Chair

When I was a child, my dad called my room the ‘black hole’ because everything in the house (his tools mainly) would somehow manage to get sucked into it. He would call down the hall, “Has anyone seen the flat-head screwdriver?” I… Continue Reading →

Pick-Me-Up Protein Cookies

I created this cookie because when I first started carb cycling I needed a little something to pick me up on low carb days. Around two in the afternoon I would hit a wall. One or two of these little… Continue Reading →

Recent Events

The past few weeks have been eventful and uneventful all at the same time. It’s like things happen in clusters. In between the clusters there is silence. – I am not sure how the weather is in your corner of… Continue Reading →

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